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About Me

I’m a 44 year old biochemistry graduate from the North West of England. I like photography and music, with some of my favourite artists being Ocean Colour Scene, Gorillaz, Primal Scream, Black Sabbath, Massive Attack, RHCP, AC/DC, Metallica, Snow Patrol and The Killers. If you’re interested, you can view some of my photographs on my photoblog and my flickr account. I also enjoy reading, cinema, travelling, science & technology.

My ‘other half’ is Sarah, who panders to my love of spicy food by growing a ton of chilli and garlic in our tiny garden. You can see the fruits of her labour on her food and drink blog; she has a flickr account too.

Professionally, I’m a web developer with a focus on web standards, usability and accessibility. I’ve written for Practical Web Design magazine and was the technical reviewer for The Essential Guide to CSS & HTML Web Design from Friends of Ed. I can also occasionally be found pontificating evangelising on various web development forums.

This blog is meant for the rare occasion I have something interesting or useful to say. The current look was designed in my head and using Photoshop CS 2, built using Topstyle Pro (which I strongly recommend) and an exceptionally old version of Cute HTML. It’s been featured in several online galleries, including Liquid Designs, CSS Mania, Nice Stylesheet and, with the previous design, at Screenalicious. It’s also been pirated by a band of unscrupulous marauding Czech pirates.

I can also be found online at the following places:

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